15 September 2005

Rosie gets it done!

It was a good thing I took my tact, iron, and gentile persuasion pills today.  There are some interesting dynamics in one of the groups that I anticipated to a certain extent, but not to the point where girding my loins seemed to be imperative.

  But instead of using brute force to punch my way through a difficult situation, I flowed with the force.  Yes, very zen.  Very Yoda.  Very smart.

But I kept cool, stayed strong, and pasted a smile of great tolerance and placid serenity on my face.  I was sincere, but at no point did I lose the situation and scream


Cuz honey you know that wouldn't be anything be trouble heaped on some more.  So I feel proud of myself on several accounts, not the least of which is not allowing myself to reaction to provocation.

  smile and be gentle, no rough play, model appropriate behavior debra...

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  1. That a girl......I knew you could do it!  Next time, I'll send ya a big ole can of "whoop ass!"   lol   Anne


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