26 September 2005

happy happy

So, I'm really excited about picking up Ace tomorrow.  I mean really.  On the drive back up, I get to socialize with him some (while my guy drives).  That way he will have a smidge of time to adjust to me and my smells, before being introduced to the rest of the family.  Shaddow and Ziggee are easily excitable, but I figure that only makes sense, cuz I'm excitable.  So I know when I bring Ace home, they'll be so tickled.  It might overwhelm him.  So probably I'll let him run around the yard a bit, then introduce Shaddow.  Then Ziggee.  We shall see how it all works out, won't we?


  1. YAYYY!!!!

    I watched The Dog Whisperer on Natl Geo the other night, and he said the most important thing you should do with a brand new dog is take them for a nice long walk immediately upon getting home, so they can get used to YOU.  LOLL  Thats my only helpful tidbit...I'm goin' to bed.

    Be safe tomorrow.


  2. OK, I'm excited TOO! Will there be some pictures?



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