28 September 2005

Bathroom Break

When it was only shaddow and myself living here, she would accompany me to the bathroom.  She would wait until I turned on the cold water faucet in the tub.  Drinking loudly and deeply, shaddow cocks her head to the side as some do at water-fountains that have high arches.  Or how some would gulp from the garden hose on a hot summer's day.

Then Ziggee came.  Seemingly, shaddow delights in the fact that she is able to do this drinking feat and that ziggee cannot.  So when I would traipse into the room, shaddow would station herself near the tub as per usual.  Ziggee would come awaggling and awiggling his entire body and place both paws on one knee, wanting to be pet and admired even in the bathroom.

Well, now, Ace...Ace places his paws on the other knee and earnestly stretches his neck for a good ruffling and scruffling.  So, I decided, just now, to start closing and locking the door.  Otherwise, I have NO privacy.

I had gone in there, just a few minutes ago.  Shut the door.  Both Ziggee and Ace laid down outside the door and put their paws under it.  I could see both their snouts smushed in the little gap.  Ace is not only headstrong, but his head is strong, and he just pushed the door right open.

Hence the need for locking the door.  In my own home.  To my own bathroom.  To keep my own pets out.  For my own sanity.


  1. That dog is very smart........hope he doesn't know how to pick a lock!   Anne

  2. Sounds like he's right online with his little cousin Scribby!  LOLL  That dog can open ANY door, its a hoot!



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