08 September 2005

LIVE! from SFBC, again...sigh

Actually, I had a very exciting day today.  First, I woke up to see my guy's smiling face.  That's a beautifully handsome way to start the day.

Next, I made some appt that I needed to reschedule for next week.  Then I called a dear friend who caught me up on the latest, and gave me some pertainent info I really needed (was that redundant?).  Then I called and left a message for another dear friend who may be under the weather, figuratively and literally.  Then I met with a new acquaintance, the new neighbor of my guy's (she is also an adjunct faculty at Ole Miss) and we went for breakfast.  I did a few email things with NAMI.  Then the forementioned new acquaintance and I attended a presentation, opened with a film and followed with discussion.  The subject was unsettling but needs to be addressed, no doubt.  Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is also viewed as clitorectomy (but that's just ONE type of FGM) &/or Female Circumsion.  Now, before anyone asks, NO the film did not document the proceedure in graphic detail.  But enough details were shown to leave no doubt as to what was occuring.  Moreso, the film focused on what sorts of cultural reproduction, psychological disruption, and moving toward acceptance of another culture's ways (ie refusing to circumcise your daughter).  It was good to see such discussion, cross-culturally, both sexes, various ages, and so many folks.  WOW.

Then, I came back to The San Fran Bread Co. again.  LIVE coverage from CNN is ongoing, of course.  And I jumped online repeatedly to catch messages and reply regarding the whole upcoming NAMI support group facilitation thing.  And I just found out, oh, about two hours ago that there are TWO groups in Columbus, one is a women's group and one is a general group.  Hmm, ahhh, very inter-rest-tinG.  Actually, I think every other Thursday still applies, it is just that one Thursday is one meeting and the other is the other, is that clear?  Righto.

Oh, and I finished Carol O'Connell's "Winter House" which I started yesterday.  I am planning to see if my local library has her stuff and if so, check them out and read them.  And the day is so not even close to being over.

My guy and I are going to watch "crash" tonight.  We rented it several nights ago and haven't gotten around to it yet.  So, that's on the schedule for this evening.

All in all, a rather productive day.

Now, if only I could shake this annoyingly clinging post-nasal drainage...


  1. I agree...productive DAY!

    LOL, good luck with the nasal thing


  2. I think it is time for surgery on the sinuses.........<<sigh>>>  Anne


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