06 September 2005


...things to do before I die (a mixture of short and long term goals):
~~~~~publish writings
~~~~~finsh my PhD
~~~~~get married, have children, raise them correctly
~~~~~complete the last steps to get the NAMI support group up and running
~~~~~Find my purpose in life, and do it well
~~~~~travel more, by land, to see more of our 48 continental (I've nothing against international travel (having done it myself) but there is so much to see and do right here in my own back yard.
~~~~~love more completely

...things I can do:
~~~~~love deeply, strongly, loyally
~~~~~be an advocate for those with mental illnesses and brain disorders who cannot speak out for themselves
~~~~~be a true friend, supportive, kind, companionable
~~~~~learn, my whole life long, I can learn
~~~~~read with gusto
~~~~~teach with passion
~~~~~listen with patience

...things I cannot do:
~~~~~change people's minds
~~~~~or behaviors
~~~~~lead buildings in a single bound
~~~~~or anything else that falls within the realm of superhuman fantasy
~~~~~stand by while someone is being abused
~~~~~allow myself to be abused
~~~~~do an activity requiring fine muscle dexterity and coordination

...things that attract me to the opposite sex:
~~~~~lack of cynisism

...things I say most often:
~~~~~ja, fer sure
~~~~~well ain't that some dumb shit?!
~~~~~who'da thunk?
~~~~~well then, THERE'S that
~~~~~didja poke it?  well, poke it again
~~~~~I may be mentally ill, but c'mon now, I ain't crazy or stupid
~~~~~I love you

...celebrity crushes:
~~~~~Tommy Lee Jones
~~~~~Johnny Depp
~~~~~Clint Eastwood (at times, I gotta be in the mood, ya know?)
~~~~~Christopher Walken
~~~~~Tim Robbins
~~~~~Morgan Freeman
~~~~~Robin Williams

...women I admire:
~~~~~my guy's mom
~~~~~my friend, Adria
~~~~~my friend, Nekita
~~~~~my friend, Cheryl
~~~~~my friend, Connie
~~~~~Angelina Jolie

(The above items are listed no particular order, neither in importance nor chronology.)
THANKS ANDI from "She said WHAT?!?"

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  1. I like your asnwers and you did that so quickly. I will be thinking about mine forever.  Anne


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