29 September 2005


er, almost...ok so it's Thursday, meaning, there are support meetings to be co-facilitated.  so, I wake up, not really, alright...I schlep to the door and let the dogs out and take my levoxyl (for my thyroid, cuz I had mine removed, why?  well, cuz now I have a permenant second smile just in case my mouth is busy doing something else...).  And because I can't eat for an hour after I've taken the medication, I dropped back in bed.  And ignored the dogs' scratching at the door to be let back in after a minute outside.


big mistake

colassally big huge mistake.

Ace the hard headed densely built body guy pushed up against the gate and slithered right out and went exploring.  See, Shaddow, my 65 pound lab, she "could" do those things like jump the fence or even dig below it, or plow through it.  But she doesn't.  Cuz, she's a good girl.  yes, she is.  she most certainly is.  my good girl.  yeah.

Ok, so when I realize that Ace is gone from the yard, I slapped my forehead, ah ninnee, remember?  you read that thing about boston terriers liking to galavant all over and you shoulda been prepared for that...remember?

So after I get dressed, I drive to one neighbors'.  These folks are the ones who COOK for their upteen lovable dogs.  My dogs eat better when I'm not around.  They make me feel like I'm such a bad mom.  Sigh, it makes me wonder, what I would be like as a "real" mom with human children....surely i would cook for THEM.

Ace wasn't there.  Or maybe he was and was hiding.  But none of the other bigger dogs had seen him.  They all agreed on that point.  By the time I got back to my car, after having been re-aquainted with 8 large mix breeds, whose names I know, but not to whom they belong (I just hear my neighbor yell the names out when he drives his moble up to get the mail....they live like 2 miles away....and his moble is so sharp, I have no idea what it is, sorta cross between mmmmm golf cart and four wheeler...and he is in his 70s...wow dude), I drove slowly home and then drove down the other way towards the other neighbors'.  As I am driving, I am being a good christian, praying cesslessly.  Then, I glance in my side mirror, and bounding like a little frisky puppy, is Ace.  And 2 of the neighbors' puppies.  They're new.  The neighbors, I mean.

So, I stopped the car, put it in park, opened the door, and said, "Ace, getcher butt in here"  which he promptly did.  I backed carefully and turned around and started to tell him all about how he can't just up and go somewhere cuz it scares momma.  I think he was rolling his eyes.  It's hard to tell with a boston terrier, cuz their eyes protrude some anyway, so I guess he coulda been blinking.

Anyway, I put a homemade little harness and leash on him.  Sooooooooo cute.  And got a few chew toys.  And attached him outside.  So I could go co-facilitate and not worry about Ace cruising the neighborhood again.

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  1. This little ACE is going to be your challenge.  He knew where YOU were all the time.  <<<sigh>>>    Anne


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