28 September 2005

the guys and me

Ziggee has recaptured his "rightful" place under my office chair, when I am seated in it.  Ace is hanging out just behind the chair, chomping on his squeakee toy.  And they are not pestering each other.

As for play, I don't know yet if and how they will engage in play.

Shaddow has had a rough morning, so she is resting on the bed.  Poor lady.  She's T-A-R-D.

We all were piled up in my queen sized bed, me and shaddow and ziggee and ace.  Ace is learning the "not on the pillow" rule.  Shaddow and Ziggee took up their perferred positions and zonk out immediately.  I read a bit then realized that I could hear 3 distinctly different sets of snores.

i giggled and it woke the two lil guys up.  Shaddow just stretched her long lab legs, and huffed a little as she sunk further into sleep.  i am sure it would have been a sight to see!!


  1. Nothing seems quite as perfect as a 3-Dog Nite!   Anne

  2. HA! I won't try to top Anne's comment!



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