15 September 2005

The latest breaking news on the NAMI front,

THIS just in....

I'm gonna co-facilitate a group every thursday in Columbus, alternating weeks so one week is Women's consumer group and the next week in general (both sexes, consumers, family, friends, coworkers, mh providers, anyone interested in learning more about MI, including students from nearby universities and colleges).  The general group was the one that met today.  I think my co-facilitator will become more and more confident as we go and I can take a less active role, backing him as need be, and more or less supplementing and being there to give a helping hand when needed.

The women's group in Columbus will meet for the first time next week.  There may be a co-facilitator from Starkville going with me but I am not yet sure....

AND  wootee-woot!!!

Starting on the first Thursday in OCT, the Starkville Women's Group will be meeting every Thursday!!!  There were a few other women from our "old" group that went through the facilitation training with me.  So I think I might be a back up co-facilitator that attends the meetings.

AND because we are the Golden Triangle Regional Area, we cannot forget West Point.   There is a meeting set up for there next week, not with consumers, but with the executive director of Community Counseling there.

West Point is the county seat for Clay.  Columbus is the county seat for Lowndes.  Starkville is the county seat for Oktibbeha.

 Think of an equilateril triangle....Columbus is the eastern point, Starkville is the western point, and the northern point is West Point.   All are about 25 miles from the other, depending on which route you take.

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  1. Congratulations Shug!!!  I am so proud of you!  You are doing GREAT!



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