30 September 2005

Let's see what the BBC has to say about...

"US consumers reel at fuel hikes"

Consumer confidence has dropped, as exhibited by the .5% decrease in August in overall consumer spending here in the US.  Personal incomes have fallen, while the price of gas has risen.  And it isn't just fuel prices that have folks worried as winter and cooler weather demands heating.  Household durables, automobiles, and larger more permenant or long-term purchases and borrowing of monies have dropped significantly.  It is said that there are recovery efforts in place for the economy in 06.

I will believe it when I see it.  I'll believe it when I can stop digging for pennies in hiding.  I'll believe it when gas prices stay beneath $2 mark for an appreciatable amount of time.

I'll believe it if we get someone else in office.  Perhaps, a bunch of some body elses.

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  1. Amen sister! Let's see if I get knocked off line like I did the last time i tried to write this!
    I do believe that when people begin to see what it is going to cost them to stay warm this winter, they are going to see Dubya through a brand new set of glasses. And guess what? They won't be rose-colored!


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