28 September 2005

Sharing the Stew-pit-tittee

You ever do anything so stupid, by yourself, with no witnesses, that you just have to tell someone, that would appreciate the humor of such a stew-pit thing?

Well, I might have mentioned this before, or not...but last week I was emailing hundreds of folks from various colleges, organizations, universities, clinics, mental health care providers and so on.  Well, I remembered that I forgot to include MSU's newspaper and radiostation.  So I quickly went to find the addresses and sent them an email about NAMI and the support groups for here in the Golden Triangle of Mississippi.

Later I thought, something doesn't seem right.  So I went back through and started to look at email addresses.  Hmmmm.  Our school is not the only MSU out there.  Furthermore, we use msstate in our domain and addresses.

Which means that Memphis State University's campus newspaper got a copy and invitation to the support group.  So did Michigan State University's radio station.  Ooohps.


  1. Funny! Lots of publicity in other places! Maybe serendipitious for some one, who knows?
    Speaking of stew-pit, if you get a chance check out what I did last week...


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