07 September 2005

So, uh, what's new with you?

Here's the latest on the Mental Health, Illness, and Brain Disorder front:

Well, Ok, so ya knew that I'm ready to start with the whole facilitate the support group thing with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illnesses).  Like ya know here, in Starkville.  Although, you can come, from where ever.  Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Little Rock, just get here and you can attend, I promise.

  BUT...earlier today, I went to my mailbox (that's blonde speak for checked the inbox of email, although I did dye my hair a lovely shade of burgandy) and found this note in there asking me to take over a group which the facilitator started, then left.  Ok.  Not a major problem.

I am concerned about the facilitator.  Cuz like she didn't just leave the group.  Nope, she left the state.  She moved.  Totally.  And that concerns me, about her, personally.

So I am gonna be doing another group too, in Columbus.  So, hey, guess what?  This really is turning into a GOLDEN TRIANGLE REGIONAL NAMI Affiliate.  Was I ready for this to happen so "soon"?  No, not really.  But, I think I can handle it.  I think I can.

Really.  I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can.
  I KNOW I can.

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  1. You can, I believe in you!!!



    ps: groovy graphics  ;)


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