02 September 2005

Bully for MSU!

I live in Mississippi.  Starkville, actually, home of the Mississippi State University Bulldog.  Football, amongst other sports, is a favorite past-time here.  Fans by their season tickets well in advance and it is not uncommon for those same fans to rent houses for the entire year so that they can have a place to stay on game weekends.  That's not even considering the folks with motor homes that set up in parking lots that surround the stadium.

Well, MSU officials have asked the fans to give up their reservations in hotels for the weekend's game so that they do not displace any of those seeking shelter from the devastation of their homes due to Katrina.  Football coach and other university spokespersons have asked the hotels not to displace anyone in order to honor reservations for the football fans.  I should hope that this would not be an issue.  But you know there are bound to be some fanatic fans that are bull-headed enough to think they have a RIGHT to the reservations, and damned if their gonna let any hurricane get in their way...

I hope I'm wrong.  I hope there won't be morons who insist that the game and their attendance is more important than relief efforts and housing the Katrina worn and torn and dislocated people that took refuge here.  I hope we here in Starkville, can do MSU and Bully the mascot proud.


  1. Debra....

    I happened on your site through a comment from John. I went to MSU for a year to work on my PhD. I emailed a friend (old prof) asking how he was & have not heard. How is Starkville from Katrina?


  2. Not sure if you are aware of this site but they have MSU wallets & totes & a lot of other colleges as well.



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