28 September 2005

Off the Mark

Note as of Wed 5 Oct 05:

WAY OFF THE MARK....due to my notifying Parisi of the usage of his panels, I have been told I am in violation of intellectual property laws.  Which is fine.  I was told either buy (actually it would be leasing them) the rights to use them, or I could include a promo for a 2006 calendar and then remember to go back to any of those entries and update them in Feb. with the new info.

I created a third option.  Deleting them.  This means that I won't have to remember in Febuary to go back and fix anything.

Now, Mark Parisi included his name and URL (www.offthemark.com) directly on the panels.  I even promoted the panels and would have liked to continue to do so, as the man has some real talent with wit.  But, that's not to be.

There are a few ironic points here, one of which is that I notified Parisi (and company) that I was featuring some of his panels.  So I am guessing that they don't use a backtracking system.  Which probably means there are lots of folks using the panels and not notifying them....

The another ironic point to snag my attention is:  I wonder if Parisi obtained the permission from the intellectual property, patent, trade mark, and copyrights necessary in order to spoof on the jolly green giant, teletubbies, snap-crackle-pop, and prince albert, just to name a few.

And the final ironic thing of all, I would continue to urge you to check out his cartoon panels as the man does have incredible wit, talent, and covers a broad array of topics.

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  1. Sure was fun catching up with you! Love the comics!



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