16 September 2005

Gallery Glass

I've been hearing about Gallery Glass (a product by Plaid Paints (I think)) for years now.  When done correctly, the completed project resembles stained glass windows.  When not done correctly, you've all sorts of interesting mishaps.

I myself am a klutz.  I have very little control over my fine muscle coordination.  As a child, I never could color within the lines and my handwriting is still barely legible today.  That's why I type so much.  Even when I "write" letters using the Lucinda Handwriting style, I still type.

Knowing that I would not be able to draw a straight line, or a curved one on purpose, I bought "instant lead lines".  They do resemble the lead that creates the boundaries in stained glass, allowing one piece to be soddered to the other.  However, THESE instant lead lines are 1/8" adhesive strips that create the illusion of lead and sodder.

(I don't think "sodder" looks right....)

So with redi-lead in hand, glass plates, and my landlord's left-over partial tubes of paint, I set to, to see what I could do.  My very first attempt is posted below.  It did not turn out like I had wanted.  I wanted something peaceful and harmonious.  And I will be the first to say, that crazed sun looks like it is chowing down on the placid moon.  But that is fitting for it is the sun that makes my eyes hurt, that draws stinging sweat from my pores, that rises welts of tender flesh as though it were whipping my face.  And it is the moon that is so benevolent, so calm and heavy, so serene and beautiful.

I went on and experimented with 4 other plates until I ran out of paint.  The last one I made, I have to my guy.  He has it and likes it and I don't know if you'll ever see it cuz I can't remember to use his webcam to take still shots when I am there and I have no camera here.

See, I just plopped the plate on the copier/scanner/printer all-in-one and scanned it.  Then with Andi's assistance, I created a photobucket account and used it to post the scanned sunmoongalleryglass piece to my journal.  I tried the FTP space first but, oh la, it's only for AOL customers, which I am not.  Used to be, but now, I access THIS through AIM.

The reason I wanted to scan it and get it online is because I can't stand to wait to give people their presents.  And when Andi told me that she likes primitive and other folk artand OUTSIDERS and showed me a few links.....and when I saw some of the work there....I thought, click, hey! I know EXACTLY what I want to give her.  So as soon as I get some money up to send it, I will.

In the meantime, there's the image to enjoy until the real thing comes to you from me, sealed with a big huggle and a friendly kiss.

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  1. You are Always Surprising me, SisterGurl!  Thanks for the art lesson.  Believe it or not, I was just talking with a friend yesterday, about gallery glass, and *poof* there YOU are!

    I am blessed to have such a friend as you, Deb.

    Much Love,


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