22 January 2008

when in Maine, eat lobster.

My guy and I have been missing each other.  His messages are extra special and I've been careful not to call his cell when he might be busy (sleeping or interviewing or whatevering).  When I got home from my landlord's, I decided to see if his cellular service was any good.  So I tried to call, and didn't get thru.  I tried again, and he answered, saying, "hey baby!"  It makes me smile.  Before the call cut out entirely, he had a chance to tell me that his colleague (who is currently interning there in Togus, Maine) was driving them both over to his girlfriend's for a lobster dinner.  I told the annoying er-er-er-er signal to enjoy the dinner, and the rest of the visit, and the return flight, and that I love him very much and since he was no longer there, aren't I an idiot for continuing to convey my well-wishes to an electronic device?

Why, yes.  Yes, I am.


  1. He missed the best part of the message hon.. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. Damn!  I love me some lobster!!  Lucky guy.  :)


  3. Well, no, no, you aren't.  There is virtually two places in Maine that have good signals for cell service.  The turnpike and the turnpike.  Well, okay, there are a few others but ... it can be very spotty!

    Glad he was having lobster.  A Trip to Maine without a Stonington lobster would be not a trip to Maine.  (well, he might have had Portland lobster)


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