12 January 2008


well crap.  i had a nice long entry, very raw.  it took lots to do and then my computer shut down and i lost it all.  so maybe something later, huh?  it won't be the same, but maybe it will be better.  or at least cover similar sorts of material.  i need to look into getting the physical connection (the power cord's or the computer's port needs help i think) fixed so this doesn't happen.


  1. Duct tape and WD40 -- and a screw driver.  I can never go wrong if I fix something with one, two or three of those things.  Might not look very pretty, but hey ... if it's fixed.  

  2. I soooooo hate when that happens...

  3. I hate to work out a nice entry, lose it, and can't recapture the words.



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