10 January 2008

please bring back my bonnie to me, to me

Earlier today, Bonnie had left a message for me; she was watching CNN and there was a weather report, highlighting tornado damage here in Starkville.  She worries about me and the furrbees.  After psych'ing myself up, I returned her call.  I've been thinking about her lately, and this was a good prompter.

We had a pleasant conversation, with the usual stilted then rushed conversational style of mine; it is a huge task for me to be conversational esp in verbal contexts, when i am feeling outta sorts.

Bonnie truly cares for me, and we very rarely speak on the phone.  But it was so great speaking with her earlier.  It was like she's got my back.

and that's sweet.


  1. Yeah, I've got somebody that's got my back, too. Awesome isn't it?  And I hardly talk to her on the phone either.  Why? I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE.  I'm great in person or talking with my hands (ie: here, for instance) but the phone rings and I break into a sweat.  Seriously.  
    Glad the tornado didn't git ya.  You'da needed that like a hole in the head.

  2. Oh, I am so glad you psyched yourself up for a phone conversation.  Bonnie does love to chat and she especially loves you Deb.  Walt too. Walt loved you too.  


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