18 January 2008

oh the irony of it all

k, just a reminder, I live in Mississippi.  It's been getting chilly at night.  That's ok, I'm not complaining about that.

It's just, well, the counties SOUTH of me, here in Mississippi, are receiving snow right now.  The counties north of me are not.  Oh the irony.

Also, on the news tonight, an accident at the entrance/exit for Walmart; where the drivers were rushing to the store to get bread, milk, and toilet paper (that last one is what I hope they are buying).  There was a jam so the drivers in the cars that were turning in got all excited about the POSSIBILITY of the snow drifting northward and omg, we might have some flakes!  nevermind they won't even touch the ground.  let alone stick.


  1. It's 9 degrees here in Hooterville.  Trade ya.


  2. Woke to a balmy 8 degrees.  It's now up to about 14 degrees.  Gonna' be like summer!


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