28 January 2008

loaving around

usually, i love bread fresh outta the oven.  then, it is still good when it cools, but not as good as the warm fresh creation.  but!  but this graham bread is even better when it cools, in my opinion.  esp with clover honey butter.  so moist.  so good.

i ate the entire loaf.

in one sitting.

ok, not really.  but i am eating lots of it.  in fact, half of the loaf is gone, within 24 hours.  and it's been me.  i can't even blame the lady-bugs.

cuz i ain't sharing.


  1. this honey clover butter sounds interesting.... where does one get something like that?

  2. You MUST reference your entry of 1/11/08 .... and then tell me where the heck to find that clover honey butter ... or butter honey clover ... and the recipe for that bread!  'Cause I've lost ten pounds that I am not looking for but feel the need to bake and eat or eat and bake ...


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