07 January 2008

Beider update

Beider is more and more docile with me, altho he is not very social with the other furrbees.  He doesn't fight them (except when he is eating; so I feed him outside while the others are inside, chowing down) but he isn't overly friendly with them either.

I see him hesitate on the fringes, watching the others play their reindeer games.  Sometimes, it seems he starts to join in, but then I think the mere sheer joy of their enthusiasm confuses and scares him.  I feel for him.

It's like he's Emo-dog.


  1. Beider is just biding his time until he feels safe and comfortable.  He may be confused about who is alpha in the household.  Or maybe he's just a cranky pain in zee butt!  Either way ..., he's being loved by you and that will heal his soul!

  2. Ok, I'm seeing this word everywhere and have no idea what it means.  What the hell is an EMO??

  3. Emo dog...I think I could relate to one of those.  Let's not tell MJ what it means...hee hee.  I'm evil.



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