13 January 2008

finally, it's happened to me

shhhhhhhhhhh our secret.  that's my guy in the background.  i finally installed his webcam and took this still pic.  of me in my hat.  behind me is my bed, with the conrad argosy opened and a hat being loomed for bonnie (shhhhhhhh, don't tell her, k; our secret, wink).  behind that is my guy, in his gym clothes (he would not be overly happy if he knew he was in the shot, so shhhhhhhhhhhh, we don't tell him, k?  our secret.  (nodding)  pinky-swears.

behind him (which he is standing in front of my propane gas heater, warming his buns, contemplating to-do's) is my kitchen.  that's right, i sleep in my living room.  why?  cuz that's where my bed is, sillies.

tis the promised pic!  more to come i am sure.


  1. Hey Debs...............waving at ya!    Anne

  2. hi my friend... we sleep in the living room right by the fireplace all year round:) I love your hat and the sweet pic. It is always nice to see you!

  3. I LOVE that smirky smile.  I'd get a kick outta hangin' with you, I bet.

  4. A webcam came with my computer --- but I gave it away.  I was too scared to use it!


  5. Well, I've slept on picket fences in years gone by so I guess a living room would be fine!  (shhh.  I won't tell Bon) I hope you add the condom to her hat though!  

    (((waving))) Hi Guy!  Shhhh.  Don't let on, I know.

    Great face you got there woman ... great grin too!


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