16 January 2008

Biloxi Lighthouse

So, my guy and I are driving along the Beach Boulevard in Biloxi.  He is stunned and at a loss at the devastation that is so clearly evident still, over two years after Katrina.  Since I have never been here before, I don't have a full appreciation; but I can see the wreckage, the vacant lots, the empty ruins, the efforts to rebuild.  Of course, there are the casinos and the waffle houses, but there are more missing than present.

In the middle of the road, there is a puny lil lighthouse.  I do a double-take and snortle a bit (a snortle is a snorted chuckle), saying incredulously, "that?  is that the famed Biloxi Lighthouse?!  THAT is what now graces our mandatory Mississippi license plates for the next five years?!?!  THAT?!?"

"yes, yes, yes," he assures me repeatedly.

"are you shitting me?  the damn street lights are just as tall and way wider than that celebrated Lighthouse!  I mean, that has to be a scaled down model of the real thing," I say as I wave out toward the water.

But nope.  And here is the proof.  check it!

(**edit:  the biloxi lighthouse is literally less than 50 ft tall!  when i said the street lights are larger, i really meant it.  that's why i thought it was a scaled down model of the real thing.  but, nope!)


  1. Well, it isn't very large, but it must be effective!  Or must have been at some time.  Cute, though.  Very cute.  And really, lighthouses aren't all that gigantic really.  They aren't.  Google Portland Head Light, Nubble Light, Nauset(te) light.  You'll see.

  2. I haven't been on the computer or active in the journals so I am just getting around to visiting you.   I had been working on my cabin addition over my kitchen and with 2 workers was able to get the plywood on the roof covered with tarpaper last fall.  It still has to be shingled when I am feeling better and it warms up.  I have my 3rd spinal (steroid) epidural to my lumbar spine tomorrow and should be feeling better in my back.   I had a month of ear/sinus infection that is finally getting better.   One day I was unable to stand and walk because my inner ear balance would not work.  It made me sick to my stomach and I kept falling down.   That was how my holiday was.  I enjoyed seeing the photo of the Lighthouse.  It looks bigger in the photograph.  Since the sea is flat the power of the light is what is needed for the ships I would guess.   The amount of damage there must be tremendous.  To think that it will happen again no matter how many times it is rebuilt is astonishing.  I wish you a good year and will visit when I can.   I have not been making journal entries for some time.  mark

  3. Something tells me there might be a lot of shipwrecks out there in the water...

  4. Some of our Oregon lighthouses, or former lighthouses are about that size. The one at the mouth of the Coquille River for one. I guess it doesn't have to seen from a long way off if it's maring the mouth of a river.



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