08 January 2008

Rival Sandwich Maker

Remember last September (or was it October, c'mon you should know this, wink) when I bought a featherbed (queensized, $20; i am awesome!), a blender (a very good one for about ten bucks; i rock!), and a sandwich maker (2 bucks! i awesomely rock!)?  For some reason, I've not used it for all those months.  A big reason is cuz I don't buy bread; very rarely my guy will buy a loaf.  When it goes bad, with mold, I give it to Shaddow (she loves moldy bread and I think it helps her doggie-immunity.  cuz i need to tell myself something that makes me feel better about giving her moldy bread, her favorite).

Well, since I've been making my own bread, I have bread (funny how it works that way).  Yesterday, I sliced some up (of the very last of the very last loaf) and stuck it into the Rival and then some provolone and some smoked turkey and voila!  mmmmmmmm.  it was so good, i made another today.  Tomorrow, I may try making an egg pocket.

Cuz I'm outta bread.


  1. Time to think"Buy more bread!"  It sounds divine!      Anne

  2. OMG!!!  I laughed so hard while I was reading this!  AWESOME ENTRY!


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