23 January 2008

Dora, the explorer

Eight and Three get giddy wit it, over Dora.  Their enthusiasm for many things just bowls me over, but they love, Love, LOVE Dora.  And Backpack (backpack!).  And Map!  and (gasp) BOoooooooooooTz!!  Dora's colors are pink and orange, a ghastly color combination that kids lust after.

So, I made a Backpack, complete with Map, in orange/pink (shudder).  The backpack can be worn as a hat as well.  The separate lil pocket that my Map is in, has little straps on it so that it can be worn by their multitude of toy critters (Three's favorite one right now is a Lamb that she calls "Sheep".  i asked her to show me here Sheep, and she corrected me indignantly, "it's a Lamp, Ms. Debra, a Lamp.  But her name is Sheep.")  All the straps and such can be easily removed (by their mom, I'm not gonna show the kids; I realize that isn't a guarantee, but they might enjoy it for awhile this way, then when the novelty wears off, Friend can go ahead and remove the straps and POOF! it's a hat that they can wear.).  I may have to make another hat so they won't fuss over just ONE.  When they are TWO, Ms. Debra.  (big eye roll)

(i know it's not the best pic, but you get the idea; and my Map is not the same as Dora's.  Dora's Map is a rolled up white thing.  I did mine Map in pink/orange, with funky hair.  kidz might like it anyway)


  1. Watching Dora helps relieve hangovers.  I'm just sayin'



  2. Oh Dora is so DAMNED CUTE!!!


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