05 January 2008

And the ads just keep on coming

The other night, just before my guy left, he drew my attention to a commercial on TV for SunSetter Awnings.  He said to look at their hair styles, their clothes, and then said that he thought it was a showing of a late-70s ad.  It's the John Ritter look-a-like that clinched it for me.  Harry, in a polo.  shudder.

And to think I too could call right now, in the next five minutes, and get my $200 discount certificate that I can apply toward the cost of a $1000 awning that I can lower in just sixty seconds! 

1 comment:

  1. But wait!  Then they give you the estimate and say, 'ooops! you must have seen our old commercial!"  

    Love those awnings but don't think one is in the cards for this year.  


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