08 January 2008

political parties' primaries

The below is an excerpt from an eMail I sent to my mum.

I've been reading some about the primaries and New Hampshire's resulted with Hilary Clinton taking the Dem seat, closely followed by Barack Obama.  I wonder if they aren't gonna buddy up for the presidency, the one choosing the other for vice-president candidacy.  I hope they do, and stitch up this next term.

It's gonna take more than four years to get us outta these messes, but it'll be a start and maybe they can get elected again in '12.  I know, I know, let's get this one under way first.  Don't count the chickens before the eggs hatch.  But I can count the eggs, can't I?

Super Tuesday is Feb 5, with many states' primaries that day. 
Mississippi's isn't til Mar 11th.  Kentucky, Guam, Indiana, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and West Virginia are after March (mostly in May, a few in June) for the Dems.  What I don't get is that some states have two separate days for the primaries for the Dems and republicans.  Some, like Montana, are months apart.  There is an awful lot I don't get about the process.

John Edwards sorta looks like John Ritter.  That's not important, just an observation.  McCain sorta looks like Nixon in the jowls.  That's not important either.  Are Huckabee and McCain related?  Huckabee's wife is Janet McCain.  That may be important, but probably not.

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