14 January 2008

Hatz 4 Bon

Bonnie lives in Rochester, New York; where it is still very much winter for a few more months.  So I made her a few hats.  First, see the blue hat, that is in two of the pix below?  Well, actually, if you look in the background of the first picture I posted a coupla entries back, the yellow loom that was on the bed held the first stages of the very hat you see finished in the first two pix in this entry.  Neat, huh?  I also had made her the soft hat on my head in the third picture (I made it a few days ago) and the baby blue hat with white that I am holding on my hand (I made that last week).  The baby blue hat has an interesting swirl on the top that I tried to capture here.  You don't see me modeling it, cuz I can't.  It won't fit on my big ole head.  I've removed all the doors on my home so that my big ole head won't get stuck.  Now it's time to lay me head down to sleep. g'n'nite


  1. Oh how VERY cool!  She is going to love them!

  2. You are so silly..........removing your door so you can get your head in......haaaaaaaaaaaaa   LOVE the hats.  You did good!    Anne

  3. Lovin' that camera, aren'tcha?  LOL  SO ARE WE!  

  4. Excellent hat! My new thing is socks which is taking quite a bit longer than expected (how on earth can a needle be a size 0???)


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