05 January 2008

Sharing more stupidity

Cuz this year has started with a BANG (I set my oven on fire, it's gas, and marshmallow burns, explodes actually, at very high temperatures; don't try this kiddies, just take my word for it); I thought I would continue to share my stupidity.  I managed to slit open my thumb.  Hand wounds gush blood, much like head wounds, or foot wounds.  Or any of my wounds, come to think of it.

The thing about thumb wounds is that trying to clean, then bandage while applying pressure gets to be tricky (and sticky).  It also means that you are reminded of just how much  you use that appendage.  Lest you forget that you've damaged it, it will let you know anew with a freshet of blood while sending all sorts of blaring screaming signals to your brain.  Which had you been using your brain in the first place, you might have not slit your thumb in the first place.  Or used your oven as an incinerator.

And by you, I mean me.

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  1. Well Deb, here, at my house, you'd get lots of attention for bleeding!  When the girls were little and friends were here playing -- if they started to pester me too much about any one thing I'd say, 'Come and see me when there is blood or bones showing!'  Worked like a charm for me (and them)   Hope that thumb feels better soon.


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