21 January 2008

weather or not

Are ya having any weather?
(uhm, scuse me?)
weather, are ya having any?
(yes please, one sunny side up)
very funny.  what's it doing outside?
(it's dark, we don't have any weather)

When I woke today, I thought, "YES, today is the day I will finally don my pants and go to town.  I will go to the doctor and get my blood drawn, which should have been done weeks ago.  I will go pay bills, including the way overdue phone bill.  I will go to the library and return books.  I will go to the post office and send Bonnie's hats and scarf.  I will accomplish some serious shit."

Then I hopped in the car and drove off.  And did none of those things, because altho last Tuesday was King's birthday, it wasn't celebrated last Monday (like I thought); but it is observed today.  So, I'll do the serious shit tomorrow.

Today, I visited my Friend, the mother of Eight and Three.  It was a very good and very looooooooong visit.  So when I got home, my guy had left his message that it was, indeed, very cold in Maine.  Wish I was there to warm him up.  Four whole degrees Fahrenheit is damn cold.  No matter where you are.  In fact, the highs tomorrow there are lower than the lows here tonight.



  1. 19 here with the wind chill.  ;)

  2. Brrr.  He'll be glad to get home to you!  And warmth!

  3. It's been that cold here. Yesterday morning it was 9 degrees , -3 with the wind chill. (Hugs) Indigo


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