02 January 2008

And he's off!

Well, my guy left today.  He is going home to Oxford, then tomorrow goes to Little Rock (Arkansas).  Then, he goes to Knoxville (Tennessee).  Then, Atlanta (Georgia).  Then, Memphis (Tennessee).  Then he gets a few days at home before heading to Biloxi (Mississippi).  And then, the last interview for internship is in Togus (Maine).  He is driving to all those places, but flying to Maine.  The closest is Memphis, it is just over an hour from Oxford; even the just shy of three hours from here, it is still closest.  Little Rock is about three hours from Memphis.  Knoxville and Memphis are at opposite ends of the state; Memphis in the extreme south western corner while Knoxville is on the eastern edge, seven hours between the two.  Atlanta and Knoxville are about four hours apart.  Atlanta is about six hours from me, here.  Biloxi is about five hours south of me, in state.  It's all as clear as mud, isn't it?


  1. Seriously makes me think about my days touring with a guitar.  Man.  So glad I'm not HIM.  Be real nice to him when he gets back.  

  2. And Togus ME is about  3 1/2 hours from me!  Good luck Deb's Guy!


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