14 January 2008

swimming with the fishes

Earlier today, my guy and I went to the gym and had a very pleasant surprise.  See, a few years back, when he asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told him a year's membership at the gym.  It was there that I lost the weight from two year ago and there that helps me keep it off.  So I asked the following year for a renewal.  Which he gave me, cuz he loves me and is a swell guy.  (wink)

So today, when we got there, we expected that it would be renewal time.  And when I asked if the girl could check to see if my account is current (cuz I couldn't remember if it was up in December or if it was the end of this month), she said, "yup, til Dec 21, 2008".  I smiled, thanks, I called over my shoulder as I pulled my guy away from the desk and down the hall.  But, he protests, I didn't do it!

Last fall, I had complained about one of the women that works there and how she treated me on several occasions, which I was overlooking for a long time (cuz I hate confrontation); but when she diss'ed my guy and all, I knew enough was enough.  And I took my case to the business manager, and complained.  I pointed out that he pays for my membership every year and doesn't deserve to be mistreated in such a manner.  That he pays each time he goes, and that should be more than enough to ward off this woman's snide comments and rudeness.  And the business manager agreed with me.

I think they gave me a free year.  And I'm not gonna complain.  I was wondering why I never got the renewal notice.  And now, I know (i think).

merry christmas to me!
merry christmas to me!
merry christmas to MEEeeeee


  1. Seems it paid off big time not to put up with someone being rude and obnoxious. Great news for you. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. Well.  Well. Well.  You remind me of the lady in the Target commercial.  "Start the car!  Start the car!  START THE CAR!!!!"

  3. Well.  D'oh.  It's the IKEA commercial.  LOL.  Now I remind me of my dearly departed mother.  

  4. Good goin'   Anne


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