25 January 2008

Brain Fartz and other Faux Paz

It's freezing rain out.  Earlier, there were tons of cancellations, delays, and early dismals.  There were ice storm warnings and watches and many listings running along the TV screen earlier.

I called the gas company back around 4p, to see if there was a delivery on its way.  Ya know, just to confirm.  They sounded harried but were reassuring.

About an hour ago, I heard the gas truck coming in.  I bounded out the door, and realized that all those warning which tend to usually exaggerate what COULD be instead of what IS were dead on this time.  There was a bumpy coating of ice sheathing every surface, including my concrete steps.  It was extreme luck that allowed me to be safe, and sound.

However, the gas man was not.  He slipped when he was coming in, despite my cautions to watch your step.  But he corrected himself and did what he had to do in the house in the case of no gas at all (they have to shut everything down, and one guy has to stay in while the other goes out, fills the tank and then they relight everything, blah blah blah).  The same man who skidded up the steps, fought with my door, which I finally opened for him so he could leave, and I saw it happen before it did.

His foot descended, his weight went forward, his foot shot out from under him and down he went.  A huge crack rang out in the night air, followed by a very painful grunt/groan/scream combo, ending with a few select curses that evidently embarrassed the man since I was standing there (fragile maiden that I am).  The other man, already at the base of the steps, seemed to be trying to voice conflicting concerns (a resounding guffaw and inquiries into the man's health and welfare) so things were quite garbled.  Shaddow was attempting to rush to his aid, altho I was not so sure that he would have welcomed her nosing about his private parts at that moment.  The man stood up, wincing, hobbling and then went down again.

Long story somewhat shorter, he rebroke his leg, which had just healed.  And I thought, rather uncharitably, "ya dumb shit."  I'm glad that I didn't say it aloud.  And I'm glad that it wasn't my dumb-shit ass that was broken.


  1. Aww man!  At least you didn't laugh out loud....did you?


  2. Well, maybe you didn't laugh out loud but I sit here laughing my ass off.  The dumb sh*t is right.  

    On a more empathic note  -- poor guy.  Must hurt like heck!

    Oh!  Oh!  And so glad you have gas!  eheheheeh


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