20 January 2008

Vanilla Apple White Tea and Yarn Selection

I love Celestial Seasonings, they have quality teas, and their packaging is extra special.  I almost hate to throw out the boxes, which are covered with quotes, explanations, and other factoids and useful information.  Including the quotes, this one was featured on Vanilla Apple White:  "Happiness is the ability to recognize it."  by Carolyn Wells.

For several years now, I've developed a habit of visiting the tea area of stores (if they have them) and purchase a box of either a favored blend or a new blend that I'd like to taste.  Sometimes the tea is tasty and becomes a favored, and sometimes it isn't exactly what I'd buy again.  The Vanilla Apple White Tea is fabulous and will be a favored for some time!  It is flavorful, a tad sweet, and is good hot, cold, plain, or with milk.

Now, I also visit the yarn department (again, if it is there).  There, I have more restraint and can actually walk away without a skein in hand!  I have quite a selection of yarns at home already and have a few projects in mind.  There are a few I have started, but have been too scattered to focus on them at the moment.  I'm learning that if I am too scattered, and try to work on them, that I can completely ruin the project.  In most cases, I can undo what I have done and save the work.  But other times, I've truly ruined the project, and then feel badly when I realize that I didn't listen to my self when I was feeling too scattered and frazzled.  Sometimes yarn soothes, and sometimes I am too frustrated.

Oooooooooh, tea's brewed!


  1. Oh, I can only work on projects when I feel there is nothing pressing on me.  It's difficult to concentrate and get it right when I'm thinking about too many other things ...

    I love tea.  Like you I enjoy trying new blends.  We have a lot of dollar type stores in our area and they always have quite a selection!

  2. Back in college I drank "Morning Thunder" for energy because I was not a coffee guy.  I remember there was a buffalo stampede on the front of the box.  Or maybe not.  I was fond of many herbs back then.  ;)



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