13 January 2008

my guy and i are resting, shhhhhhhhhhhhh

wahoooooooooo!  my guy is HERE!  he came a few hours ago. snicker.  he got in awhile back.  snicker.  oh the sexual connotations of it all.

and!  he remembered to bring the webcam.  it's still out in the truck i think.  but soon pictures are to be posted and you might, might, even get a chance to hear my very non-enunciated voice.  i tend to sound like i am slurring, i've always had that characteristic.  growing up, mom would slowly instruct me, "eee.nun.see.ate."  yet over the years, i have packed em in for presentations of various sorts (motivational, work-related, mental-illness-related, family-related, and other miscellaneous relations) with good to great results and evaluations.


  1. Oh, I do hope when you have completed your morning ministrations you will get that web cam up and running.  Uh -- with clothing please.  :)

  2. Oooooo, GIRL!  You gittin' you some!  Right on!

  3. "have fun" <---  said in a whisper



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