22 January 2008

 To the left is not a quilt, but soon to be!  My folks (my mother, brother, and father) have created all the stars you see here.  They took pix and eMailed them to me.  I then downloaded them, indexed them, put them onto one sheet of paper, scanned that in to photobucket and POOF! there they are.  I apologize for the poor quality, as I have not yet mastered the whole color/shading thing.  Obviously.

You may think that they are appliqued, but nope.  The stars are done using the depression-era technique, crayon quilting.  The squares are crayon, then outlined (embroidered), pieced together, and quilted (by hand, of course).  When I get pix of the finished product, I will post them.  The colored pencil on fabric that I had posted last month was a sort of variation of that theme.

Oh!  Doggies need fed!

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  1. Oh, it's lovely.  I do really think this is a technique I could enjoy working with ... the girls too!


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