24 January 2008

Heeeere's Ziggee!

This is Ziggee.  He's a "rat-cha".  That means that he is a mix of rat-terrier/feist and chihuahua.  Ziggee's about six pounds.  He'll be five years old in April.  He's been living with me since just before his second birthday.  He is a good boy (my "pretty boy"), and I never scold him.  I do call him down from the quilt; he usually knows when he has erred and slinks away, combat grunt style.

Ziggee goes into submissive-crouch mode when men approach him.  We're working on that.  Sometimes, he does well; sometimes he gets too shaky and intimidated.  I think he was abused before I rescued him from an acquaintance, who had taken him off someone else's hands, who had adopted him from an animal shelter.  I'm not sure what his history was beyond that, but all those moves took place within four months just before I drove about two hours away and brought him home during stormy weather.

Ziggee loves Shaddow and follows her every move.  Shaddow is resting right now, so I can't get a picture of her because the camera is a web-cam that I've been taking still snap-shots with, so it only goes so far as the cord and as you can see, I'm still working with the lighting and resolution and such.


  1. awwww... he's IS a pretty boy.  And so TINY.  I've never had a tiny dog before.

  2. Little dogs RULE!  That from a big dog lover who has now been the proud companion of two little ones.  lol

    Great shot!


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