10 June 2009

you've got mail from yer male

a ways back, when mom was here, we'd seriously misunderestimated the task at hand and so mom said that she might be able to stay a week or so longer if she could have my dad send her prescription info so she could get her meds. well, when i got the mail a few days later, she had not one package, but two. mom got mail at this address way before me.

so earlier today, i went out to get the mail after hauling the trash can to the shoulder for tomorrow's pickup. and there was a pastel lavender envelope addressed to ME!! ooooooooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah; to further savor the joy of receiving real mail, i did what i always do in such a case~~i made myself go thru all the other mail first (in this case, just a few catalogs; i don't open other people's mail, not even jert's). then i held it up and felt all along it, smoothing my fingers over the thickness of the card within. i sniffed it, and examined it, flipping it over and then RIPPED the seal open and pulled out the wonderful loving thoughts that someone sent me, me!

and then i got all teary and sappy and sniffly and giggly and all that squishy good-girly-girl stuff. thanks so very much, baby. i love you for so many reasons, and this is just one!!

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  1. OOOOOOooooooo!! Real mail. I've been busy with the moving and the wedding and haven't even had time to go to my own blog. Hoping to post an entry today maybe. Anyhow, hope you are well and Jert's sinus infection is on the mend!


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