15 June 2009

shut the front door!!

earlier, around ten i think, it was 85, with a heat index of 95. now, noonish, it's at one hundred degrees. i'm very glad i am not working outside. anytime i sweat while remaining perfectly still, it's way Way WAY too hot. and humid.

this past weekend, we took a load of stuff down to the coast for one of jert's daughters. she doesn't live on the coast, but one of her friends was to leave the coast today and go to oklahoma, where she is with her husband and daughter; so he could take her things as well as the stuff her husband's mother is giving them. while we were down thatta ways, we stopped over to see his son and spend the night.

the visit was great and we had a blast. ya know, except for the allergic reaction jert had to either the smoke from the new tiki torch, or the smoke from his son's cigar (i vote for the tiki torch, seeing that the cigar would most likely have fewer hazardous chemicals to emit; just saying). at any rate, jert was sitting pretty one minute and the next, he was clawing himself thru his jeans. we all got a bit worried, cuz huge welts rose up and he was covered in hives. he did take a shower, and a benedryl and then another benedryl and stayed indoors. after awhile, we weren't quite as worried, esp since he was breathing and ya know how important breathing can be and all.

we very much enjoyed each others' company, and i got to spend more than fifteen minutes with his son and his son's wife. i've not laughed like that in quite some time, well since mom was here. we had lots of deep belly rumbles, the kind of chortles that work their way into convulsions. and it got to the point where most everything was a hoot! whatta way to relax! thanks, guys!!

i don't exactly recall what was said at one point, but i do recall the response; which was: "shut the front door!" i thought that was hilarious, cuz i was so not expecting that. but it was perfect and suited the moment quite well, esp since those were the exact words and not exactly something you'd expect.

jert's sinus infection is lots better, tho he is still congested. my guess is that when he goes to see the doc next week, she'll put him on some anti-histamine medication for allergies. i'm very proud of him for being able to just say no, oh hell no, to the over-the-counter medicated nasal spray.

my energy level is barely above slug, which is closer but not quite snail. i was hoping that soon i could get it up to maybe tortoise, cuz i'd really like to do a few things around his place before this weekend's cookout and also before mom's visit. she won't be able to stay for as long, so i want to make sure i do all i possibly can before her arrival. that includes yanking up the nasty-ass carpetting and scrubbing the floors. there are some areas that need bleach treatments, like where the pet urine stains have seeped thru the carpet into the subflooring. that there chip board is rather absorbent and if i had the keen sense of smell that most dogs have, i could discern which past pet left which spreaded stain. i'd be like the featured forensic master. {hmmm, this smacks of Tuffy, the rat terrier, most probably when he was between ages four and six months judging by the content, which is congruent with the age of the stain, most likely seven years ago or there abouts. it overlays another scenting left by puglsy the pooch, and contains a smattering of fecal matter left most likely by fred, the fanciful mutt who thought he was King of the Feces. moving on to this abnormally large and oddly shaped stain...} i'm like 'abs', ya know, without the super cute hair and goth style.



  1. that is just digusting

  2. Ya know - I don't have much respect scumbags that post anonymously. If you can't "man-up" to your comments, why post them? Just to be mean? And if you do leave comments - at least make sense!!! What is digusting? The blog itself or the fact that dogs poop & pee? If you have animals you know this fact, I can't see you out spackling your dog's ass to prevent it. But then again- if you are the kind of person that gets your jollies from anonymous postings - maybe you are that anal! Come on people! - If you can't "sign" your comments - Keep them to your own petty, close-minded, self!!!!!!!!


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