30 June 2009


i've not been sleeping very well, these last couple of weeks. it's par for the course, when the weather changes, esp heats up, then my sleep patterns get all fucked up. usually i can master that, so it doesn't affect the rest of me, and my systems.

but not so this time. the morning, i woke up with a terrible pain in my stomach {or maybe the colon area} and then a brief time later, i broke into sweat and started to salivate, and barely made it to the bathroom in time. i don't think i'm contagious, but would rather play it safe than spread illness. so i ended up calling my counselor and canceling.

i headed back to bed, and read some, and then realized i was insanely thirsty. so i went to pour myself a glass of tea. i settled down in the living room for a few moments and was watching shaddow slumbering deeply.

then i saw her tongue flick out. and again. and then i realized that in her sleep, she most likely was dreaming of something tasty; cuz she was licking away at the air, and still breathing her steady, deep, heavy sighs. suddenly, she snaps awake, struggling into a sitting position, and still slurping. i could almost see the exact moment she became aware of her pica behavior. she snapped her mouth shut. and then opened it the merest bit and just the tip of her tongue poked out. it was like she was testing the air.

she's outside right now, and i think after i let her back in, i'm gonna head back to bed. i really hope this yucky feeling is just a passing thing and i'll be bright eyed and bushy-tailed in just a bit. barring that, then at least i hope i'll be back on steadier footing.

hope every one is feeling fine and planning to have a good holiday weekend! be safe, have fun!

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