18 June 2009


i'd an appt for the iDoc yesterday morning, but i wasn't feeling so hot so i called to reschedule; which is unusual for me, as i keep my appts. the headache i had yesterday was making my eyes hurt, or maybe it was the other way around; what i do know is that i didn't think having an eye exam when my eyes were bothering me and my head hurt was such a great idea. now, cuz my appt was originally scheduled for 8:45 am, i called right away, starting at 7:50a. the phone rang, and rang, and raaaaaaaaaaaaaaang, and i really really wanted to rest my head before i hurked and hurled {soooooooo very lovely, thanks for sharing!}. finally, i called jert at work, sniffling and all teary and babbled to him that i couldn't get ahold of the doc's office and i really didn't feel so hot and so he said that i should go back to bed, and let him call.

which i did, go back to bed, and i was asleep before my head hit the pillows. and he did, call the iDoc's office. he finally got thru, at 8:34. they snippishly admonished him, telling him that he should have called earlier. which he had, and he told them that. and then they snarkly said that the office didn't open til 8:30 and they don't answer the phones before that. so then jert asked pointedly asked them how was he to have called earlier if they weren't answering their phones? usually, i make my appts, and if i don't think i can show, i usually take care of contacting the folks and rescheduling. but not so in this case, and dude, am i glad! cuz i think i'd've burst into tears at the extra pain these folks' illogic would have caused my addled and injured brain.

so i'm to go see the iDoc this afternoon, when he might be able to squeeze me in. since i've already done all the paperwork and have already picked out the frames for the new glasses, i don't think the visit will last very long. if they do give me eyedrops tho, i may need to leave before my eyes are ready for me to drive, cuz of it being the end of the day and all. but, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.


  1. Poor Baby! At least the Anonymous A****le (see my rant/reply to your June 15 blog) can't find any fault with this entry. (I Think). But then again, when folks just want to be mean - who knows what ill wind blows thru the caverns of those dark little minds. Love ya!!!!!!!


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