08 June 2009

holy shit, batboy!

duuuuuuuuuuuude, i don't even know where to start except to say...i need a break. it's been one thing after another {yeah, you too, right?} including an air conditioner breaking down, and a new one acquired but we have to have a professional come in and rewire us a 220v outlet so that we can even think about using the behemoth btu's. we did do an awful lot today, including replacing the lil window pane in the door with a slightly green tinted glass which we'll frost for opaquueness. and we had a nice visit with jert's youngest and she brought her youngest (he's getting to the pull-me-up stage, not quite able to walk, but he zzzzzzzzzips all over with that crawling).

i was eMailing a friend last night, and i realized, holy shit batboy, but we've been doing lots and have lots planned and it just doesn't seem like i'll be able to focus on getting the wedding invitations out til august. which may be better anyway, cuz then folks can reply in a timely relevant fashion. hopefully. and most folks already know, so i doubt anyone will get the invitation and go, "dayyyy-uhm, how bout that there debra getting herself all hitched'n ev.ree.thang".

i'm gonna go drink me a tall one now. my brain's too frizzled to even think beyond the next hour and that's ok. i'm takin' me a break, dammitall.

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