25 June 2009

oh! and...

tomorrow i'm gonna start in on cleaning the master bedroom thoroughly. since we have the huge honking entertainment center moved out of there, i can now shuffle things around and rearrange them. but i need Need NEED to scrub the floor.

i'm really excited and that's sorta pathetic. but every single activity makes a dent in the overall picture. wahoo!

now, if only i could figure out a way to make shaddow shed less. or teach her to sweep up her own shedded hairs. any idears?

i currently take her out on the front porch, shut the gates so that she is in a confined area, and take the grooming tool to her so i can get as much of her loose undercoat as possible. that does cut down on the over all mass indoors, but it still means that i could probably crochet an entire winter coat for myself from the amount i sweep up every day. and it makes me cringe to think of what manages to float away in the fluffy puffy blowing air of the fans and air conditioners. eek!!

i love her, but i'm considering leaving her out but i really don't want to do that. arg. sigh. suggestions??


  1. Just live with it. She doesn't mean to shed ... and she can't help it. :)

  2. you could get rid of the dog


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