25 June 2009

another job well done {dusting hands, knees, nose, and forehead}

it took me five hours to scrub the bedroom floor. five freaking hours. the upside is that i got to listen to lots of stephen king's short stories. and another positive is that it's done. the master bedroom is now completely rearranged and only lacks the paint job; which is okey dokey, cuz that's not a must. so, it's all good.

i do need to hook up the new phone in there. but right now, i'm just enjoying the fact that my knees are no longer crying out in agony, begging "please debra, stop, stop scrubbing the floor" {so pitiful}. and i need to find a home for some stuff that i removed from the bedroom. most of it is just hanging out with the other displaced temporarily furniture.

and i took apart, moved, and reassembled the awesome corner computer station. this thing is amazing. it's rather large, shaped to fit into a corner, and is just so damn cool. i love it! unfortunately it didn't fit where i wanted to move it so i had to come up with another home for it until we get the office/study done {a bedroom in the addition}. it now sits in the breakfast room, which is actually pretty cool.

it's been awhile since i took and posted any pix, but i might do that soon. just not right this minute. cuz i'm too tuckered to mess with the camera and uploading anything with a dial-up connection. and the laundry is almost done, and then a shower is a must. excuses, excuses, excuses...grins.

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  1. For those who don't know her - she is secretly "Superwoman"! Our home is looking really amazing thanks to her (& her mom's) efforts. Me- I crashed & burned early last night - in bed & asleep at 8 PM. So I feel a little guilty that she works so hard. Love ya babe.


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