20 June 2009

summertime and the living is......easy?

i spent a few hours in the kitchen this afternoon, getting ready for tomorrow's get-together. but at least i was in the air conditioned inside, po'jert was outside with his riding mower, weed wacker, and push mower. he was out there for about nine hours. in this friggen heat. here it is, almost 6p, and a heat index of 105. eeek.

tomorrow is the first day of summer, the longest day of the year, and father's day. jert mowed the yard, set up the outside tables, chairs, and swings. got the grill and charcoal all ready for the hamburgers and hotdogs. i made the salad topping mix, chopping and dicing cucumbers, tomatoes, purple onions, olives, jalapenoes, garlic, green bell peppers, carrots, radishes, etc and drizzling italian sundried tomato dressing; letting it marinate overnight, then tomorrow, i'll wash the lettuce and tear it up in preparation. i made a small amount of egg salad, and dished up lil amounts of various toppings for hamburgers. we'll also have shredded cheese for the salad available and sliced cheese for cheeseburgers. there will be bottled water, colas, lemon/lime soda, and sugar free orange drinks, ruby red grapefruit, and lemonaid. also, i brewed sweetened {but sugar free} peppermint tea, as well as a lemon ginger tea, a constant comment {which is orange with sweet spices}, and earl grey.

it'll be a great way to celebrate the beginning of summer, with friends and family. jert's three local children and their families will be here, along with his sister and her husband, his mother, and a very close friend of mine. i also invited another friend and her family, but i'm not sure if they can make it. i hope so. jert and i have another friend we'd like to come, but he's just getting back from a week long conference and i don't think he'll be unpacked yet. so it's about fifteen family, and a few friends, so i'm thinking total, between fifteen and twenty. yea!!

earlier, i'd stopped at the library for a few minutes. i love those library ladies!! they rock!

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  1. Oh man ... that's hot. I guess I really shouldn't complain about our rainy, rainy, rainy dammed weather.

    Hell, Seattle has had 20 dry days and we've had 21 wet days! Go figure.


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