26 June 2009

date day {and night}

today my jert was honored at MSU's DAFVM's "Lazy Days of Summer" award ceremony for over ten years of service. {MSU is Mississippi State University; DAFVM is Division of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine} "Lazy Days of Summer" started years ago as extremely low-budget celebration featuring a menu of fried bologna sandwiches, hot dogs, vienna sausages, sardines, crackers, hoop cheese, tossed salad, and ice-cream. the hoop cheese and ice-creams are produced at MSU and are top sellers and attractions for the parents, alumni, and staff/faculty/students. today, there was very little change in the menu, out of tradition's sake; but i was amazed at all the decorations and how detailed it all was. this is a major event within the Vet School, and hundreds of folks attend. the president of the university gave a short speech, and then the recognition of lots of folks for various reasons went on for about 25 minutes. it was really quite classy, odd as it sounds {fried bologna and hot dogs, people}.

tonight is the free community movie on the green at greensboro center here in town. last month's movie was "cars" {it was preservation month}. tonight, oddly enough, it's "harry potter and the order of the phoenix". i say oddly enough, cuz i was telling jert that'd i'dn't seen any of the harry potter movies, tho i've read all the books. so we watched the first three, but couldn't access the fourth easily. the fifth one is the one that is being featured tonight. which works nicely cuz the next one to hit the theaters is the sixth one, opening in july. wahoo!!

imma cheap date, dinner and a movie fo'free!

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