21 June 2009

bustin' the 'do

here it is, ten at night, and 96 degrees. but very much cooler inside, where jert and i and the puppies are now. earlier in the day, we had a very good time with friends and family. well, jert and i did. the doggies missed out on things for the most part. tho shaddow did get to model the three year old grandson's 'chu-chu' (an undefinable greenish bluish seaform sorta colored thermal cotton security blanket which is well loved and rather tattered). yeah, she be stylin'.

about twelve hours ago, i stumbled out of the bedroom, and was gonna pour myself a 'good morning to ya' cup of tea when i heard the front door open and various voices that belonged to more folks than either jert or any/all of the doggies in a collective way. i then sprung lively for the bedroom door as i'd not yet stepped into shorts. long time readers will note that i've kept the recurrent theme of being pant-less at inopportune times and places. yeah, i'm that much fun.

a few minutes later, properly attired for guests, i greeted jert's mom and his sister and her husband. there were a few last-minute things i needed to do, as i'd already sliced, diced, and brewed most of the stuffs for today's do. folks began to dribble and drabble in over the next few hours and by one, we had about twenty folks milling around the front yard where jert set up tables and chairs under the shaded trees {where we were getting some delightful breezes}. the food was good, the company was great, and we all had a good time. thanks, guys!

this afternoon, after we cleared the yard and cleaned all the stuff up, washed the dishes and packed the food away; i called my own father to wish him daddy's day. i thought it was only fair to sing to him a variation of "happy birthday", in keeping with special-day traditions. so dad got the whole, happy father's day to you {happyfathersdaytoyou, happyfathersdaydeardaddeeeee, HAPpyfathersdaytoyouuuuUUUuuu} treatment and then we chatted some. my folks had a 'cook-in' cuz it was too damn hot; but i liked our cook-out just fine, even tho i think we all collectively sweat enough to fill a wading pool {shudder, what a visual, eh?}.

mom and i discussed wedding-shoes, strappy sandles {which i usually tend to steer clear of, cuz dude, imma klutz; me and strappies are a dangerous combination~~but i think i can handle these for a day; besides which, the dress? sooooooooOOOoooo totally deserves strappies} and the rest of the house stuffs {like when is her schedule gonna let her get this way and what can i do in preparation of her visit}. i may, MAY, think about tiling the floors in the addition {the rooms where i ripped up the carpet}, but ya know, imma klutz and peel/press tile may be too much of a challenge.

so now the doggies are sprawled on the floor, the couch, and the chair. jert is munching on his nightly sunflower seeds, and i was crocheting; we watched GhostBUSTerZZZZZZZZZ and are now experiencing ghostbustersTWO. somehow i managed to miss both of them when they originally hit the screens in '84 and '89, respectively. i KNOW. jert was shocked too.

imdb lists ghostbuster the third coming out in 2012. oh how i wish i could do the straight faced emoticon here, cuz i have no friggen idea how to feel one way. i mean, there are so many levels of reactions here, like: "wtf?!?" and "really? really? how is that even possible?" and "oh, must be a cult thing". i'm pretty sure that in three years, you will not find me sitting in a theater watching bill akroyd and crew marching across the big screen to the "who ya gonna call" tune. tho i have to say, the special effects would be sooooOOooo much better. unless, they go ahead and retain the old school vibes for sentimental cult status continuity. which may actually be a good idea.


  1. This weekend was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, and you made it happen. Look forward to a quiet week together.

  2. I'm shocked too! hehehe ... I love you.


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