09 June 2009

po' po' po'man o'mine

my po'man's sicker than sick. he's a sinus infection that has been brewing about in there for quite some time. he was accustomed to snorting up some nasal spray to help him breathe. turns out those lil warnings on the bottle that say something like, "don't habitually use this as it may be masking an underlying issue which may be serious~~consult your doctor" are actually on to something; i KNOW, who'da thunk, right?!?!

so, right now, he's in the throes of agony. he can't breathe, he feels miserable, and he can't get comfy enough to go to sleep.

and yet, he gathered his lunch/snacks for tomorrow...as if he's going to work. and i set the alarm, as tho he's going to work. and he's watching his TiVo'd shows, as tho he's going to work.

po'man's seriously delusional. in addition to being sick in the head. po'man, tsk. tsk.

*stop pickin' on me," sniffles one nose-head to the other.

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