26 June 2009

mooching the reads, oooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaah

over there {<---------} in my left linkees, i've added a new one. it's for BookMooch, an awesome service that will make your toes curl in giddy delight. i've heard of it before, but had never really looked into it until today. and oh, my.

you create a list of what books you'll be giving away. and a list of books you want. then, you receive requests for those books you're willing to give away, and you ship them off. that's the only part of the entire process that costs money.

you also get to browse thru other's lists and make requests. if they are granted, you get books in your box. for free! free books! free for me!!

there is a point system which makes more sense with more thought and keeps folks from being free loaders entirely, cuz they have to give as well as take. so basically there is a 2:1 (two to one ratio). for every two books you receive, ya gotta give at least one. so you could have lots of points amassed, but if you aren't in balance with the whole give/take thing, then ya get stymied.


k, now i'm gonna get busy on listing and profile building and stuff; scampering and scurrying {PITTER PATTER pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter...}

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