04 June 2009

cuz imma ijit

the other day, when i was driving along, singing my song, i realized, 'dude, i'd been singing the way wrong lyrics'. i was belting out All American Rejects' "gives you hell", oh so wrong. my butchered version was 'hope it keeps you well'. you'd've thought the title of the damn song woulda been more than a clue, debra.

'hope it keeps you well'. snort. yeah, that's me, putting a positive spin on everything.

reminds me of when i was mishearing {and lusty belting out} the lyrics for "rev'd up like a deuce, another runner in the night". my version of the bruce springsteen song (manfred mann's earth band made it a number one hit, springsteen wrote it) was: wrapped up like a douche, another boner in the night. which sorta made sense, at least to my convuluted thinking at the time.

yeah, i'm that much fun.

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  1. LOL! (Bears repeating) LOL! We can discuss it later. Love ya Baby!


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