27 June 2009

CanTeach asks...

What is something you do well?

Well. Good. Fine. Several thoughts came to mind right away that can be clearly divided into a dichotomy of reactions. On one hand, I thought of something I do decidedly unwell; that is to say that I confuse "well", "good", and "fine" on a regular basis. Reciting "I feel fine, I'm well, and I do good" doesn't always help me out.

On the other hand, I thought of those things that I do well. Or good. Or fine. What came to mind was a convoluted mix of minor stuffs like I make a mean cuppa tea, a refreshing pitcher of swe'tea. I laugh and make others laugh. I can be extremely helpful. I crochet some kick ass stuff. But none of that seemed to be just the right subject to write an entire post on.

I think part of the hesitancy comes from the fact that so many believe that if you focus on something you do well, then you are boasting, you are excessively proud, and that you are an egomaniac. Well, bullshit on that. A person is healthy and shows no false sense of modesty when that person knows themselves well enough, realistically enough, to speak honestly about their good qualities as well as being aware of their shortcomings. With that in mind, I can tell you that I love completely, I love well. I love with no reservations, totally.

That's what I do well, for love is a verb, an action to be repeated often; ceaselessly. I can be patient, and I'm generally kind. I don't envy, and I don't boast to excess. I'm not unbearably proud, nor rude, and have no ulterior motives. I don't anger easily, nor keep records of wrongs. I abhor evil, and am very protective of those I love. I do trust, sometimes foolishly and at my own peril. I'm extremely hopeful and persevere thru extremes. I've not failed those I've loved. Ask any of my friends, loves, and family {for indeed, there are many loves in a person's life, their friends, parents, siblings, spouse, partners, children, and the like; as well as various communities and such}.

My vows to jert include that I'll always love, cherish, honor, and respect him. I feel that we will always communicate, sharing our wisdom with the other. I know I will always endeavor to bring jert happiness, joy, love, and passion. I feel we will always be true friends, with caring and understanding.

I think we'll continue to foster each other's emotional, mental, and physical health because we accept each other with tenderness, compassion, and commitment. We are each other's true campanions, sharing and discovering daily life and moving forward together in spirit. May we always step forth in harmony, encourage creativity, and support each other's growth as individuals and as a loving couple.

All of that is love. And I do it well.

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  1. Amen to that! There is not one thing I can add. Love ya, baby!


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